⁠Moldova court rejects govt decision to bar Shor Party from polls – Daily Sabah

Moldova's Constitutional Court has dismissed a government decision to ban members of the minority Gagauz Shor Party from participating in the upcoming elections.

The decision to reverse the ruling aimed at imposing a five-year political ban on elected party members through a criminal case against the former Shor Party leader has been welcomed by the President of Gagauzia Autonomous Region Evghenia Gutul.

"I welcome this decision that demonstrates that the Moldovan government cannot continue its unlawful actions," Gutul said in her reaction.

The Moldovan government decision, aimed at preventing thousands of Shor Party candidates from participating in the upcoming local elections, could affect some 68 mayors and approximately 800 Shor Party members who were elected and still in office.

Senior Constitutional Court Member Serghei Turcan, who announced the decision, said, "There were no objective criteria for the ban on participation in elections. it was too general and lacked respect for the right to be elected."

The decision came after the Shor Party and its members filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights, alleging violations of the right to privacy, freedom of association, and freedom of expression.

"Although the unlawful ban on the Shor Party is still in effect, this decision finally demonstrates that Moldovan judges understand they will be held accountable for any actions that violate fundamental democratic rights," the Shor Party said in an statement.

"We will continue to pursue our case in international courts and fight against any attempts by the government to undermine our democratic institutions," the statement added.

"Attacks against the Shor party and other opposition parties have been going on for a long time. This decision protects the fundamental right of the people of Gagauzia to elect the candidates they believe will best serve them," said Gagauz Turkish leader, Gutul.

This article first appeared in Daily Sabah.

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